17 Apr 2023

The platform in practice: How LINK Mobility uses Emply modules for pre- and onboarding

With around 800 employees across Europe and the US, there are many different types of HR data to keep track of. At LINK Mobility, the solution was to replace the heavy Excel files with a flexible HR platform that gathers master data in one place.


18 countries. 18 different standards. That was the reality for the business LINK Mobility, which offers innovative mobile communication and CPaaS solutions. Each office, from Oslo to Los Angeles, followed its own standards when it came to collecting data and onboarding new employees, and the many home-grown models made it difficult to standardize the company's activities and image. Tim Haukenes, Director of HR Operations, explains.


So, the search began for a system that could accommodate the different requirements, but also the different cultural differences, and Emply was one of the names that was high on the list.


– There was a process where we investigated different suppliers. Due to extremely rapid growth, our organization can be chaotic at times, and we have many stakeholders across a range of countries. Therefore, we had a strong need for a central system that we could use to standardize our HR processes and control our HR data," says Tim Haukenes and elaborates:


– With Emply, we felt we could grow and develop together - that our collaboration was more of a partnership than a vendor/customer relationship, which was important to us.



Automated flows and checklists

The partnership between LINK Mobility and Emply was established in 2020, and since then, the modular HR system has been employed as a working tool on an equal footing with other IT systems. It is particularly in the pre- and onboarding process that LINK Mobility has utilized the platform.


– We have set up salary and contract flows that ensure that we get off to a good start in all our new employment relationships, regardless of where in the world we are. We also have an onboarding flow for new employees when they start, which we use to gather information and send out reminders, says Tim Haukenes and continues:


The system has a multitude of different functions, but apart from data collection, we mainly use the automated forms and messages. It acts as digital reminders for both HR, managers, and colleagues and ensures that all levels of the organization are ready to receive the new employee.



The transition from Excel to Emply


Tim Haukenes himself has been responsible for rolling out Emply across the organization, and although he has encountered skepticism along the way, he has also experienced goodwill when its potential became apparent.


– Our teams have been used to using Excel, so it is only natural that they are hesitant about adopting a new system. But things improve quickly when they see and experience the differences and benefits. The biggest 

challenges are experienced in those offices where recruitment rates are not high and where they don't use the system regularly. Here we are looking at the best ways to help them with the administrative tasks," he explains.


Despite some small bumps in the road, Tim Haukenes is in no doubt that switching to Emply was the right move. Both in order to streamline the company's image with respect to new talent, and not least from a data-driven business development perspective.


– We have gone from having countless data sheets managed by a colleague to having everything on one platform. We no longer have to ask for a report once a month. Now we have access to data in real-time – all the time. This allows us to have a much better understanding and use of data, which we can then use to develop our business, concludes Tim Haukenes.



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