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In Emply, you can create a learning universe for your employees, where they can develop their skills and become even better. Continuous learning and development in the workplace increase well-being, motivation and retention, benefiting both the employees and the organization.

You can avoid time-consuming organization and administration tasks by streamlining courses and learning pathways and having a complete overview of materials, participant lists and approval flows. This is time you can spend on other important initiatives concerning your employees. At the same time, you minimize your company's training costs.

Increase motivation and job satisfaction

  • Boost employee development and retention with tailor-made learning programs that are adapted to the needs of each employee
  • Create interactive and engaging learning experiences that employees can access anytime, anywhere
  • Use learning programs to support processes such as preboarding and onboarding

Create courses and knowledge material for any purpose

  • Design courses from scratch with our flexible and intuitive course builder to suit specific purposes or development plans
  • Quickly edit, add or remove existing courses so employees always have access to relevant and up-to-date learning
  • Create webinars and give participants an interactive learning experience with the opportunity to ask questions, answer polls and provide feedback

Get an overview of your employees' skills

  • Get an easy insight into what skills you have available in your company when you need to recruit new employees or strengthen the skills of existing employees
  • Automatically assign employees new skills after an e-learning course
  • Continuously evaluate and adapt the employees' skills in the feedback conversation and assess the level of their skills

Certificates and points

  • Create and award certificates to employees when they have completed a course or development plan, and get an overview of when they need to be recertified
  • Easily keep track of all the certificates granted in the organization, who they belong to and when they expire
  • Motivate and engage employees by awarding them points at the end of a learning program or use points as milestones in development plans

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