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Feedback module

A healthy feedback culture is the basis for well-being, development and good cooperation between managers and employees. In Emply, you have the optimal opportunities and tools to support a good and effective feedback culture that benefits the entire organization. By automating and streamlining all the processes, you can save time and ensure that conversations happen – and that employees feel seen and heard.

With continuous feedback and valuable data insights, you will be able to act on problematic issues, such as conflict and unhappiness, in a timely manner. You can also ensure employees stay happy and motivated with continuous development and recognition. Feedback empowers both employees and organizations.


Continuous feedback

  • Customize development plans and feedback forms with exactly the questions you want answered and adjust them as and when necessary
  • Automatically send out feedback forms when it's time for a new dialogue, whether it's 1-1, SDD or TUS
  • Conduct exit interviews and gain valuable insights into any workplace issues, and send your former employees on their way as the best possible ambassadors for your organization

Get the full picture

  • Generate 360-degree feedback, where colleagues can answer questions about a specific employee for a nuanced and comprehensive evaluation of the employee's strengths and blind spots
  • Send out surveys and gain valuable insights on different topics, for example about how employees perceive the working environment
  • Get a convenient overview of who has yet to complete surveys or interview preparation questions and see what the responses look like

Targets & milestones

  • Set concrete goals and milestones for employees and track their development over time with valuable data insights
  • Reward employees with trophies or bonuses when certain goals or milestones are reached
  • Link competences from the employee's personal profile to the performance appraisal

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