About Emply

Emply was founded in 2010 by two Danish entrepreneurs, Gert Abildskov and Michael Ahlstrøm. The name Emply comes from 'Employee'.


Since January 2021, we have been part of the Lessor Group, which is owned by the US parent company Paychex Inc. Paychex Inc. is the US market leader in HCM solutions.


A complete HR system

Emply is an HR system that connects all your HR processes. The platform supports the entire employee journey, from job advertisement to termination, and it automates and streamlines workflows for both HR, managers and employees. This frees up time for other important initiatives such as strengthening culture, the working environment, well-being and talent development. The system is flexible and can be adapted to your needs, both now and as your organization grows.

Emply is built from the ground up with an open API that allows you to integrate the system with other systems. By having all your data in one place, you ensure that it is always up to date across platforms, while also minimizing manual processes.

Our vision

Emply's vision is to create better workplaces by offering an intuitive HR system that enables HR to focus on people by removing manual labour and turning data into valuable insights. That's why we constantly focus on optimizing our product and strengthening the user journey.


A growing brand

For more than a decade, Emply has had its finger on the pulse of HR-related challenges in modern organizations. Our platform is used by more than 900,000 users and organizations across different sectors and industries. And our customer portfolio includes organizations such as Bech-Bruun, Sanos, Jettime, Blue Water Shipping, BDO and Konica Minolta.

Based on our mantra "Simplify the Complicated", we strive every day to develop and improve our HR system and present intuitive solutions to the challenges we see in organizations today and in the future.

"It is important that Emply is simple and intuitive for our customers to work with. Emply must be the additional resource in the company that makes everyday life easier and better by gathering and automating all HR processes. But Emply must also function as an important, strategic tool that delivers valuable data to managers and HR, for example about absenteeism, well-being and performance.”

Simon Svenstrup, Product Manager at Emply

How do customers experience Emply?

We have gone from having countless data sheets managed by a colleague, to having every process gathered in Emply. We no longer have to ask for a report once a month. Now we have access to data in real-time – all the time. This allows us to have a much better understanding and use of data, which we can then use to develop our business.

Tim Haukenes, Director of HR Operations, LINK Mobility

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