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Thorough preboarding and onboarding of your new employees is the best investment for your organization. With our Onboarding software, you can easily communicate, follow up and maintain an overview of the entire process, so you don't forget anything. With streamlined and automated processes, you save time and resources while increasing the well-being, motivation and retention of your employees. It pays off!

  • Use targeted preboarding to make your new employees feel part of the organization before their first day.

  • Get happy, loyal and motivated employees who perform faster and are retained for longer with comprehensive onboarding that introduces tasks, responsibilities, culture and colleagues.

  • Make severance a positive experience with a well-organized offboarding process and create brand ambassadors who remember the company as a good and professional workplace.

Create the perfect first impression

  • Send contracts for a digital signature
  • Send materials such as the company handbook, a video greeting from colleagues or an induction plan to motivate and prepare the employee for their new job
  • Combine the preboarding and onboarding process with a learning program

Let your new employee be a success

  • Organize all onboarding steps in Emply to ensure a smooth and streamlined process
  • Easily delegate tasks to managers and employees so everyone knows their responsibilities
  • Extract data and analyze onboarding efforts to adjust and improve the process continuously

From employee to ambassador

  • Create automated offboarding processes, where the handover of tasks and other practical measures are handled professionally
  • Delegate tasks to those responsible for the process
  • Plan exit interviews and gain valuable insights into the former employee's experience of the organization that you can then use to improve relationships going forward


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