16 May 2023

Automate your preboarding and onboarding processes and create employee well-being from the start

Well-planned preboarding/onboarding can be a difficult nut to crack. With Emply’s modules, you can create attractive programs that improve well-being, retention, and productivity.


The preboarding/onboarding period is a crucial time for new employees. This is when they are most motivated and decide whether they can see themselves working in your organization in the long term.


We bring out the heavy artillery when the hunt for the perfect employee sets in. But maybe we forget the most important thing. In a survey by Dansk HR among 1,562 employees, 60% responded that the company's preparations before starting the job were deficient or non-existent. 88% of the respondents believe learning more about the workplace is extremely important before starting the job. Therefore, both employee well-being and retention are at stake when we talk about preboarding and onboarding processes. So be sure to get the employees off to a good start.


As soon as you and your dream candidate have the contract in place, it should be full speed ahead on a safe and factory-guaranteed preboarding/onboarding. Emply’s modules provide the tools for good onboarding. With automated processes and an in-house overview, you ensure the best conditions for a well-planned preboarding/onboarding process so that your future employee feels seen and informed already before the first day of work. This fosters employee well-being from the start!



How do Emply modules help me with better preboarding/onboarding?


Onboarding: In this module, you can manage organizational processes and tasks. For example, you can involve managers, order IT equipment, and have all relevant data automatically collected and forwarded to the master data card, payroll, and other relevant systems. The module gives you an overview across departments, and you always have an eye on how far you are with the tasks before or during the preboarding/onboarding. We help to set up processes to ensure that you achieve it all – completely automatically. The module is flexible, and the tasks can always be revised and adapted to your workflows.


Learning: The learning module (LMS) is ideal for preboarding and onboarding. It helps to maintain the spark in your new employee. You can send online content through the module directly to the employee before the start of the job. It can be values, an organizational chart, or a welcome video. You can also send e-learning courses or webinars with which your new employee can familiarize herself. But if it becomes too advanced or complex, send a message on LinkedIn or a brochure about your product. The point is that you engage the employee from the start and show that you also look forward to welcoming her. But remember to keep it, so your future employee does not feel spammed with information. Preferably prioritize the effort as a natural part of the process.


The learning module does not only provide value in the preboarding. Once your new employee has settled in at the desk and knows the way to the coffee machine, she can use the module as back support. It can become a close friend when the onboarding begins. You can use the module to give her an overview of courses and tasks ready to be completed. And because you know what the employee has received in advance, you have the best starting point to ensure relevant onboarding activities.


Feedback: When is your employee no longer new but an established part of the organization? A good preboarding and onboarding process always has a follow-up and an end. And it is essential to ensure a good feedback culture already at the start of employment so that you can better support the employee – now and in the future. It can be after 14 days or six months - you decide what works for you. With the feedback module, you get tailored feedback forms with the questions and topics to which you want answers. Follow up with a 1:1 interview so you also get qualitative input into the process: What has been good - and not so good? Use the learnings to adjust your program so it is always up-to-date and based on your employees' input and experiences.



Six advantages of running preboarding/onboarding in Emply:



  1. Automate and streamline processes. You get a complete overview, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel whenever you hire a new employee. You do not even need to email your new employee the start date and time – the system does it for you.

  2. Ensure employee well-being and retention. When employees get off to a good start with a well-planned preboarding/onboarding process, there is a significantly greater chance that they will thrive and be able to see themselves in the organization for the long term.

  3. Resource-saving. Collecting tasks in one place saves valuable time and resources. And that overview means you don't forget important information or tasks on the go; everyone is informed at the right time.

  4. It involves the relevant people in the organization – every time. No more long email threads between IT, manager, mentor, and HR. The Emply platform involves all the right people at the right time and gives you an overview of who is responsible for which tasks.

  5. Flexible. Every employee is different. That is why they have different needs. In the system, you can easily select and deselect tasks and processes, so you adapt the preboarding/onboarding program to the individual employee.

  6. It’s that simple. Running preboarding/onboarding processes through a system doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make it as simple as you like. It will still make a huge difference.


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