01 May 2023

How the temporary staff and recruitment agency Moment improved its HR processes with Emply

At temping and recruiting agency Moment, automated HR processes became the path to standardized and efficient operations - and with it came more attentive management, satisfied employees, and smoother workflows.


A COVID crisis that created new digital needs and a doubling of business. These were the two factors that really drove the need for temping and recruitment agency Moment to automate and digitize its manual HR processes.

In October 2021, Moment said goodbye to hand-held Excel sheets and switched to Emply's combined HR system that standardizes, automates, and streamlines HR tasks. From pre- and onboarding to course management. A change that HR Director at Moment, Sara Vinding, certainly does not regret:


– When a company expands and has offices in several countries, it is important to manage HR processes automatically in a single system. This is both for our own sake in relation to resources and in order to standardize our employees' experience. Emply really helps us to ensure efficient processes across our organization," she says.



Automated reminder flows ensure attentive and accountable management


In Moment, HR is a management task. It is therefore the responsibility of each manager to ensure the well-being of their employees. The HR department supports this task by ensuring that managers have easy access to the necessary information, and a HR system plays a major role in this regard. The system can send automated emails and messages to Moments' managers, explains Sara Vinding:


– We have set up many important reminders for our managers so that we utilize them even better. For example, managers receive a reminder when one of their employees has a birthday, an anniversary, or goes on parental leave. Thus, they are automatically reminded of their employees' anniversaries once we have entered them into the system from the start of their employment. This makes it easier for managers to be attentive – and our employees appreciate that attentiveness.



A professionalized pre- and onboarding experience


The Emply system has created value for Moment, particularly in the pre- and onboarding process. The system has helped to create structure and ensure uniform quality across locations. And that's also something new employees notice, says Sara Vinding:


– We've received really positive feedback from new colleagues who feel that everything is running very smoothly. They feel noticed and prioritized – before, during, and after starting their new job.


Moment has launched various pre- and onboarding initiatives to support a good employee experience. They have produced brief welcome videos and selected training courses and system introductions that are sent to the new employees prior to recruitment. The onboarding module also gathers the full onboarding program for the new employee and automatically notifies managers to invite the employee to follow-up interviews one month and three months after they start.



These initiatives can be reused for colleagues on parental leave


It may sound ambitious to record videos and develop training courses for new employees. But it doesn't have to be a steep mountain to climb, says Sara Vinding. Moment’s videos are recorded on mobile phones, so they appear authentic and personal, and the materials can add value in more areas than just pre- and onboarding:


– The materials have several uses after they are produced. We have recently started using our pre- and onboarding initiatives for our colleagues returning from parental leave, says Sara Vinding.


It is particularly in maternity planning that the initiatives can be effective – and help ensure retention. A survey by Inspired Beyond Babies shows that seven out of every ten employees consider changing jobs while they are on parental leave. This is one of the reasons why Moment has launched a maternity concept to make the transition from a baby changing table to an office desk easier and more flexible:


– When an employee goes on parental leave, we note it in the system, and then it runs automatically from there - also during the employee's parental leave. With a few clicks, we can notify everyone involved that an employee will soon be returning from parental leave, so arrangements can be made for booking a breakfast, preparing a new office space, and holding pre-start meetings, says Sara Vinding and adds:


– It is obvious that we should reuse our pre- and onboarding initiatives to "re-board" colleagues returning after parental leave so that they feel updated about the business. This allows us to keep colleagues in the loop and ensure their continued motivation to continue at the workplace.



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