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In Emply, you have several options for importing and exporting data to and from the system. You can use both our standard integrations, API and export function.

By integrating your preferred systems with each other, you minimize manual processes and ensure that your data is always up to date across platforms. For example, you can integrate Emply with your payroll system, time tracking system, user management system, business intelligence system or signing system.

Easily connect our standard integrations

Emply has a number of standard integrations and features that you can easily connect to the system.

These are included when you buy our HR solution:

Excel, CSV, JSON, LessorLøn, Linkedin, Facebook, Jobnet, Sundhedsjobs,, Debanensite, SMS, Website, API.

You can also purchase the following standard integrations, among others:


Visma payroll, EPOS payroll, Azure AD, Penneo, Addo Sign, DocuSign.

Read more about our standard integrations here

Our API gives you an all-in-one solution

Emply has an open API, which means you can connect the system with systems other than our standard integrations. However, this requires that your organization has IT resources to help with the set-up. The advantage of using our API is that you can create your own integrations to the system and get an all-in-one solution with exactly the data you need.

With our open API, you will experience great flexibility and easier workflows that can save you both time and resources.

See documentation on our endpoints here

Export and import data to and from Emply with our export function

You can use our export function if you would like to extract data from Emply for analysis purposes or to import into other systems. Here you can set up a template for export in CSV, Excel or JSON format with the data you need. For example, if you want to export data to your payroll system, you can set up the export to a payroll file that is automatically generated once a month - conveniently and securely. You can also create an automated flow by sending the export to an SFTP server.

Read our guide to creating an export file here

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