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Automation and approval flows

Everyday life is busy and it can be difficult to fit everything in. With Emply, you get a 'personal assistant' that automates and optimizes all those time-consuming manual processes, so you can focus on what creates value, i.e. people. The system helps you stay on top of things with reminders, notifications and efficient approval workflows, so you can relax a little more. At the same time, you minimize the risk of errors. Automating your work is the key to productivity.

Optimize workflows and maintain an overview

  • Automatically send emails, SMS’s, evaluation forms, feedback forms, surveys, contracts and other documents
  • Receive automatic notifications and reminders about tasks, deadlines and birthday
  • Automatically delegate tasks

Efficient approval flows

  • Set up approval flows and tailor them to your organization's needs
  • Automatically send authorization requests to relevant decision-makers for a streamlined and efficient process
  • Receive automatic approval requests for new hires, salary increases, holidays/leave of absence, etc.


Emply gives you a complete overview of your organization with flexible and intuitive dashboards that can be customized for each department or employee.

  • Create a personalized overview with the information that is most important to you
  • Get an overview of your always-updated data
  • Add the charts and reports you want to track progress on

GDPR and security

Peace of mind is essential when working in a data-filled HR system like Emply. Therefore, the system ensures that you comply with GDPR and achieve the necessary data security. We use the best security technology on the market, and Emply can automate your data processing. All data is stored in a Tier 3 data center in Denmark, which is ISAE 3000 certified. Furthermore, our DPA (Data Processing Agreement) highlights the obligations that apply to Emply as a data processor and the customer as a data controller. 

  • Comply with GDPR with the highest level of data security and tools
  • Automatically obtain and store necessary consents and inform employees about what data is archived
  • Delete data when desired with automated rules
  • Always have control over the information that employees can access with customized access rules


Integrations and API

Emply has an open API, which means you can integrate the system with your other favourite systems. For example, your payroll system, time recording system, user management system or BI solution. Open API offers great flexibility and easier workflows that can save you time and resources.

  • Ease the workload by connecting your systems in an all-in-one solution
  • Avoid updating payroll information in multiple databases by integrating with your payroll system
  • Export stored information from Emply, synchronize with other HR systems and build your own customized applications
  • Take advantage of our integrations that you can easily activate in the Emply system

Data insights

In Emply, you always have up-to-date reports and statistics at your fingertips, allowing you to make data-driven decisions. We have gathered the most commonly used HR reports in our standard report module, so you don't have to create them from scratch whenever needed. In the standard reports, you can customize them to contain precisely the data you need.

  • Make informed, strategic decisions on a well-informed basis with deep insight into data
  • Get a visual overview of data with clear graphs and charts so you can easily follow developments
  • Use our configurable report templates to report and analyze exactly the data you need

Tasks and notifications

In Emply, you have a full overview of all your tasks. Plus, the system helps you remember important events so you can focus on being effective without forgetting anything. It gives you peace of mind and energy.

  • Structure your work with personalized to-do lists and tick off tasks as they are completed
  • Easily delegate tasks and track their status
  • Get automatic reminders when important dates are approaching, and never miss a deadline, meeting or birthday again


Digital signature

With Emply, you can automatically send documents for digital signature with integration to either DocuSign, Addo Sign or Penneo.

  • Speed up processes and save time
  • Streamline your document management with fast, secure and legally valid digital signatures
  • Eliminate the inconvenience of printing, scanning, sending and returning signed documents

Mobile app

As an Emply customer, your employees get free access to our app. Here they can easily keep track of tasks and record holidays/absences at home or on the move.


As a manager, you can also view and assess applications and candidates wherever you are.

  • View data on colleagues' profiles
  • Register absences
  • View tasks and tick them off when completed
  • Increase security with biometric login (fingerprint and facial recognition)


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