Preboarding, Onboarding & Offboarding

Streamline every part of the employee journey from preboarding to offboarding with fully automated workflows,
continuous feedback, and tailored learning material for happy and motivated employees.

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Create the perfect
first impression

Onboarding is crucial for your new employees. Ensure a great first impression with easy handling of onboarding processes to improve time-to-productivity and employee retention.

Set your employees
up for success

With preboarding, you can make sure that your new hires are well informed and feel part of the team before their first day. Send them material such as the company handbook, a tour of the office, and video greetings from their colleagues to kick-start their journey at your organization.

Automate repetetive
tasks & free up time

Fill in employee master data, request keycard and forward data to the reception. Want it automated? Set up your desired automation workflows and let the system do all the hard work, so you get time to do more productive things.

Stay on track with
ongoing dialogue

The first months at a new company can be both overwhelming and stressful. Monitor your new hires progress and well-being closely through continuous feedback, so you can quickly adjust your efforts if needed.

Follow the progress
of your employees

With our mobile app you can follow the progress of your new employee on the go – in real time. Complete tasks and fill out forms directly from your phone, so the process never gets stuck and be readily available should your employee need assistance along the way.

Have your employees
leave as ambassadors

All good things must sometimes come to an end. With offboarding you can create a lasting positive experience for your employee and have them leave as a brand ambassador. Gain valuable insight about their time at your organization to adjust and improve your processes going forward.

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