Approval Flows

Whether it is new hires, salary increases or anything else that needs approval,
your approval chains will receive requests one by one for easy administration.

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Just approve or reject
without all the hassle

Leave the traditional time-consuming and convoluted way of handling approval requests in the past. Automatic triggers allow approval processes when they are needed. From there on, your team can easily communicate until everyone in the approval chain has approved.

Approval processes
for any occasion

No matter what you need approval for, you can create your own process for it. Decide who should be involved and how complex the process needs to be. All requests, approvals, rejections and comments will be logged, so you always have access for internal documentation.

The right requests
to the right people

With predetermined approval flows, having to chase down the people authorized to approve certain decisions is a thing of the past. All approval requests are automatically forwarded to the right people for a quick and efficient process.

Self service with
peace of mind

With clearly defined and robust approval processes in place, you can let your employees take full advantage of everything the Emply platform has to offer, without them accidentally overstepping their boundaries.

Let's approve together!

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