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With a visually stunning and responsive career site that reflects your brand and values, you can stand
out from your competitors and come out on top in the competition for the best candidates.

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An extraordinary
first impression

Win the best candidates and set yourself apart from the competition with a visually stunning and responsive career site that features your brand and values front and center. Design a user experience that leaves a lasting positive impression on your candidates.

No coding experience?
No problem

Our career site builder uses drag and drop elements for a completely code-free design experience. Create beautiful banners with video running in the background, showcase your workplace with a gallery and highlight your perks and benefits without a single line of code.

A perfect experience
on every device

Have peace of mind knowing that your career site is going to look as intended no matter what device it is accessed from. With our fully responsive design modules, you can let your creativity run wild without worrying about the user experience.

Advanced options
for the tech-savvy

Design completely customized career sites from the ground up or modify the existing modules with fully fledged HTML and CSS coding capabilities. No matter your vision – we grant you the tools to achieve it.

Enhance access for
talents own data

Correct handling of personal information is crucial to be GDPR compliant. You need to give people access to their own data, so they can view, edit and remove it. Unique logins through your career site handle that automatically, whether it is in the early recruitment stage or through onboarding.

Keep great matches
in the loop

Create the best possible circumstances to fill your vacant positions with the right talent by allowing candidates to sign up for job agents and have them automatically be notified, when you post a job opening within their area of expertise.

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