Applicant Tracking

Streamline the recruitment process with automated and customizable workflows,
advanced filtering options, candidate rating and collaboration across departments.

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Turbocharge your
recruitment process

The recruitment process is the backbone of any developing organization. With Emply, we have made the process easier and more efficient than ever. Streamline the entire process with completely automated and customizable workflows, advanced filtering, rating options and the ability to effortlessly collaborate.

Tailor the process
to any position

Have your recruitment be agile and flexible by creating different processes depending on the position or department you are hiring for. Customize the individual steps of the process, so that it fits the specific needs or requirements for the job type in question.

Find the best
candidates in no time

Keeping track of every single candidate for every job opening can be a time-consuming and tedious affair. Emply allows you to quickly and efficiently filter and sort candidates based on a wide array of criteria, so you can achieve complete insight into your candidate pool at all times.

Cooperate and

Communicate internally, add tasks, track activity and rate the individual candidates, so you and your team are aligned at all times. With extensive options for cooperation, you can utilize your teamwork to its fullest potential.

The future of
interview scheduling

With direct calendar integration, we have set out to transform the way you traditionally schedule interviews. Get instant access to the calender of your entire team, so you can schedule interviews in available periods and send multiple timeslot options to your candidates for added flexibility.

Put communication
on autopilot

Avoid leaving your candidates in the dark by accident and free up time and resources by automating the communication between you. Doing so, you can focus solely on assessing and choosing the best matches for the position.

Strive for a seamless
& efficient workflow

Once you decide to hire someone, Emply will move them to your preboarding process. This automatically creates a employee profile with all HR data gathered during the recruitment process, for a seamless and efficient workflow that will benefit both you and your new hires.

Let's track applicants together!

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