Skills & Certificates

Take your development to the next level with complete insight into the potential of your employees
and organization, and unlock it with our integrated learning management system.

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Discover the potential
of your employees.

With extensive and detailed insight into the skills of every employee, you can quickly determine in what areas your employees still have unlocked potential going to waste and create tailored development plans for each individual.

Strengthen your
most valuable assets

Your employees are your most valuable assets – so make sure they stay engaged, happy and motivated by having easy access to dedicated learning material, in order to continuously improve their skills.

Keep track of
all your certificates

Create and award certificates to employees upon completed development plans or courses and get reminders when they need to be recertified. You can easily keep track of every certificate awarded across your organization, their date ranges and to whom they belong.

Look at the
big picture

Track the development of your entire organization over time to make sure that you are progressing as one cohesive unit. You can quickly determine areas in which you can collectively improve as well as track down the perfect employee for a project with advanced filtering options.

Integrated learning
management system

With a fully integrated learning management system, you can take advantage of everything that e-learning has to offer. Improve and expand the skillset of your employees with microlearning, efficient course management, learning paths and hosting of webinars – all inside Emply.

Let's manage skills together!

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