Annual Reviews

Enable everyone to reach their full potential with automated, efficient
and impactful annual reviews leaving everyone aligned and motivated.

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Give and receive
meaningful feedback

If done right, annual reviews can be one of the most important aspects in unveiling the areas that need improvement, and those that are working as intended. Emply makes it easy to conduct efficient and impactful reviews that make both you and your employees feeling aligned and motivated.

Put your employees
centre stage

Appraisal interviews are vital in aligning expectations and establishing clearly defined development objectives. You can easily analyze any previous time period with all the required data right at your fingertips and adjust development roadmaps accordingly.

Boost development
with action plans

Set up concrete action plans tied to the summary of appraisal interviews to accelerate the development of your employees. The summary offers an instant overview of the goals, tasks and learning material within the action plan, for seamless progress tracking and future evaluation.

Make reviews come
full circle

360-degree feedback offers broad and well-rounded feedback by compiling multiple perspectives for a balanced and thorough evaluation. Doing so, employees and managers alike can uncover both their perceived strengths and any blindspots in their behaviour that may need further developing.

Enable everyone to
be their very best

Your workplace should work for everyone – and with great workplace assessments it can. Reduce absence, conflicts, and employee turnover by gaining valuable insights into how your employees perceive the work environment, so you can make necessary changes when needed.

Keep track of your
review progress

Keep your reviews efficient and on time with the ability to track the process from start to finish. Follow the development of your employees and organization over time, with previous feedback forms and interviews stored and categorized on each individual employee profile.

Automate your
review cycle

Set up quarterly, semi-annual or annual review cycles that automatically trigger every step of the review process. Let Emply handle everything from notifications and reminders, sending out and retrieving forms as well as scheduling interviews for an uncomplicated and efficient process.

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