E-learning Courses

With uninhibited access to learning material around the clock from any device, your employees
can take their development into their own hands and reach their full potential.

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Learn anything,
anywhere, anytime.

Raise the potential of your organization to a whole new level by allowing your employees to take charge of their own development. Give your employees access to a whole universe of learning around the clock and from any device.

Split complex courses
into bite-sizes

Discover the power of microlearning by breaking down complex concepts into more manageable bite-sized installments. Microlearning utilizes the concepts of excessive repetition over a prolonged period of time for better retention of knowledge.

Create a course
for any occasion

Design custom courses from the ground up to fit particular processes or development plans. With preconstructed modules and a wide array of supported file types, our course editor is extremely flexible and versatile, as to fit the needs that any organization may have.

Keep your learning
material updated

Oftentimes learning material needs frequent updating to stay relevant as your organization develops. With your entire library centralized you can quickly remove, add or edit existing courses so your employees always have access to updated and relevant learning.

Enterprise ready
tools and features

With an enterprise ready LMS module, Emply can handle your every learning requirement. With features such as user-defined access, fully responsive design, multi-language and SCORM package support, our LMS can support the development of any organization.

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