Course Management

Streamline your course management with tools to support the handling of participants,
timeslots, signup questions and attendance, while allocating points upon completion.

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Streamline your
course management

Organizing and managing on-site courses can be an exceedingly complex and time-consuming affair, that only becomes more convoluted as organizations grow. Emply offers a wide variety of tools and features that lets you handle your course management with ease, so you can focus on developing your employees.

Effortless admin
from start to finish

Set up multiple timeslots for your course and obtain important information through custom sign-up questions. Access a complete overview of participants along with tools for handling approval, attendance tracking, and rescheduling for a completely streamlined workflow.

Motivate employees
with point allocation

Emply allows you to allocate points to participants upon the completion of courses. Use points to both motivate and engage employees through leaderboards, by tying points to specific development goals, or by having them reach certain internal requirements.

Honest feedback
lets you optimize

Courses are meant for motivating, educating and developing your workforce. By allowing employees to leave reviews on courses, you can gain valuable insight into their experience and how you can optimize and improve your courses going forward.

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