Scalability is the cornerstone
in our product development

We make a high volume of data usable, with role-based access
and other features allowing you to zero in on what you need

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Product Assortment
Turn functionalities on and off so your employees only use what is relevant.
Single Sign-On
Enable enterprises to let their users login from a single, central directory.
Role-Based Access
Allow only specific users, user types and departments access to relevant areas.
Usage Logging
Track activity on the platform, so you know exactly what have happened over time.
Advanced Reporting
Empower managers to demonstrate value gained from the use of the platform.
Create data portability with integrations to all of your business critical applications.
SLA, DPA & Support
Professional partner with SLA and DPA agreements. Fast and high-quality support.
GDPR & Security
Use tools to be GDPR compliant and feel safe with best in breed security technology.

Expand your overview
in a large organisation

Large organisations means a high volume of data. With all that data it can be hard to get a complete overview. With our flexible filtering and screening mechanisms we make it easy to zero in on what you need. Use your data to make smart decisions that create more value for your organisation.

Utilize data flexibility
to gain deep insight

Emply enables you to put your data to work quickly and efficiently by using our flexible form builder. Your enterprise has data. Lots of data. Obtain that data where it gives sense to generate meaningful insights that can help you avoid problems and reach your goals.

Stay in control using
role-based access

Allow administrators to limit the permissions of users within your organisation. Larger customers have requirements that users are only assigned to functionality they need to do their job. With role-based access you can easily turn on and off functionality depending on each user type.

Let's scale together!

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