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Emply is a giant platform, but small enough to fit in the pocket of you and your employees,
allowing you to keep track of your HR processes directly from your palm.

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Adapt to an ever-

As the tasks of the HR employees become more comprehensive and complex, keeping an overview is key. With Emply, you get the important information presented to you in a user-friendly and responsive design containing to-do lists, push notifications, messages etc.

Keep your entire
organization with you

By having your HR platform in your pocket, you can access info about your organization and each individual employee when it suits you. You can keep your finger on the pulse of your organization, and quickly detect if dissatisfaction occurs, or be notified if an employee does not complete a task.

Handle recruitment
from your palm

Some HR workers spend a large part of their day on the go. For you, it will be convenient to be able to manage your recruitment from any device. Review applications as they come in and keep your communication swift and efficient, to avoid candidates losing interest during the process.

Employee self-
service on the go

Empower your employees by allowing them self-service via any device. Self-service includes reporting absence, attending courses or staying up to date with your organization. Self-service eases the workload of the HR department and builds trust between organization and employee.

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