Employer Branding

Provide great experiences for your employees by allowing them an overview of upcoming
tasks, events, and curated learning material from within one, intuitive portal.

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Great experiences
from start to finish

Foster great employee experiences by providing an intuitive portal for employees to access tasks, events and learning material tied to their onboarding process or development plan. With access around the clock from any device, employees can always be on top of their progress.

A portal that is
your brand worthy

By utilizing drag-and-drop elements for a completely code-free design experience, we’ve made it effortless to create visually stunning career portals that reflects your brand identity. Choose from a wide array of premade sections such as banners, videos and image galleries.

Employee onboarding
made effortless

Ensure your new hires get the best pre- and onboarding experience possible by providing a clear and concise overview of their upcoming tasks, activities and courses to kick-start their journey at your organization.

Convey your company
culture and values

Having employees feel a great sense of belonging is vital to their motivation, development and well-being. By providing essential learning material about the culture and values of your organization, you can ensure that every employee feels part of the team from the get go.

Access anywhere
and at any time

With uninhibited access around the clock from any device, your employees can take control of their own progress and development, keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the process.

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