Get an overview of your organization by using flexible and intuitive dashboards
showing the relevant information on each department and employee.

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Always have the
complete overview

All key metrics and data of your organization are collected and organized on your dashboard. Therefore, you are never more than just one click away from the full overview. With data automatically updated in real-time, you always have a finger on the pulse of your organization and can respond to both opportunities and challenges immediately.

Tailored dashboards
for any purpose

Share business-critical information with the individual department, manager or employee, and create overviews adapted to their specific wants and needs.

Make your
dashboard personal

Take control of your dashboard with Emply and construct your own personal overview. With our widgets, you can add, move, delete, and prioritize which information should be displayed.

Let data drive
your decisions

From the dashboard, you always have an overview of selected key figures and their development. Add new charts and reports based on the data and criteria you want to monitor, and make your decisions on an informed basis.

Let's create an
overview together!

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