Preliminary Payroll

Centralize, update and manage your payroll data directly in Emply and
integrate with your preferred system for streamlined payroll management.

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Payroll has never
been easier

With Emply you can handle and manage salary data directly in the platform. Any changes that may affect an employee's payroll, such as salary adjustments, working hours or self-paid vacation, will be automatically reflected so that your data is updated at any given time.

Self service free
up resources

With self service, employees can report reimbursement claims for private expenses and support the administrative work for the HR department. Set up approval flows depending on how you want reimbursement claims handled.

Integrate with your
payroll system

With Emply, you can integrate directly into your preferred payroll system. Changes made in Emply will thus be immediately reflected in the system in question so that you only have to update payroll in one database.

Protect your
sensitive information

Digitize your payroll processes and avoid having sensitive employee information lying around. With detailed configuration options for user-defined access, you always have control over who can access and change salary information.

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